Early Surfing Skills Video Training

Package contains – 14x video

Learning how to stand on a surfboard in the white-water is the first step in the journey to becoming a surfer. From there to becoming a surfer who enters the ocean with confidence, every surfer must learn the “foundation” set of skills that must be worked through to establish themselves in the line-up. In fact, the more of these skills one can learn and use on a daily basis, the faster a surfer will develop into a successful surfer on a daily basis.

This package of 14 training videos with incorporated surf drills, outlines the essential skills all surfers must develop. These skills are the platform off which all other skills in surfing are built. This video package includes:

  • Preparing to Surf
  • Break the “ledge”
  • Pop-up fast
  • Peak Take-offs
  • Turn Horizontally on take-off
  • “Set-up” after take-off
  • Surf top-to-bottom
  • Learn to lean
  • Turning your head
  • Performing a top turn
  • Surfing rail-to-rail
  • Successful finishes
  • Bottom turn, top turn combination – Forehand
  • Bottom turn, top turn combination – Backhand

Download the videos to your phone today, and watch them before surfing to really focus on your skills, fast-tracking your development in the process.