Foundation Surfing Skills Video Training

Package contains – 13x video

Learning how to perform the foundation manoeuvres of surfing is the real key to long-term success. Creating and maintaining speed, driving around long sections, and finishing successfully – are all achieved through surfers developing good technique. This video series outlines the techniques all surfers should develop to maximise their enjoyment and success on a daily basis.

This package of 13 training videos, outlines the essential foundation skills all surfers must develop. These skills are the platform off which the higher order skills in surfing, such are aerials and finbusts, are built. This video package includes:

Introduction to surfing technique

  • Simulations for Surfers
  • Speed Creation
  • Forehand bottom turn
  • Backhand bottom turn
  • Forehand Re-entry
  • Backhand Re-entry
  • Forehand Snap
  • Backhand Snap
  • Forehand Cutback
  • Backhand Cutback
  • Floaters
  • Finishing Successfully

Download the videos to your phone today, and watch them before surfing to really focus on your skills, fast-tracking your development in the process.