Video Review – Live feedback on Skype

Nominate the ONE manoeuvre you wish to have reviewed and Martin will create a training video that will discuss in detail how you could improve it’s current performance. The footage, a detailed explanation and manoeuvre improvements will be discussed during a Skype call at a pre-arranged time.

What do you get:

  1. A comprehensive evaluation of your current surfing performance
  2. Martin will create a training video for you to view and discuss during a pre organised skype call. The video will outlin what you currently do well, what could be improved, and how you could improve your performances.
  3. The surfer/parent can ask questions as we review the footage together, allowing for the full comprehension of how the surfer’s performance can be improved. Recommended training and training drills will be provided to help fast-track your development in the skills found to require improvement.
  4. A summary video of the Skype meeting will be created and sent to the surfer for ongoing focus on the skills discussed.

Experienced advice, individualised to you, to make surfing more fun” – Martin

How to send Martin your video and request a Skype meeting

  1. Simply upload a video of your surfing to YouTube or Vimeo
  2. Once uploaded, highlight the video link to your surf video and copy the link.
  3. Fill in the form below, pasting the link into the ‘Video Link’ field
  4. Send the form to Martin
  5. Pay for the service through the “Purchase” button below
  6. Once Martin receives your video and purchase confirmation, he will contact you to arrange a time to meet via Skype.