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“Lifting the leading arm to create speed”
Thanks Martin! I never had understood that little detail. This was the best information I received in the last ten years than I surfed.

Comment from a surfer on

 “This past week we had a small 2 foot swell and my technique for generating speed from the streetboardz translated well to my surfing.  Even though the surf was small I was getting more speed than I ever have.  I noticed the extra speed helped my other moves and I had two of the best frontside re-entries I have ever had because of the speed!”

Florida, USA
“Partnership Level” surfer 2014

Martin possesses a comprehensive understanding of the developmental stages and strategies to improve surfing technique for surfers of all abilities and levels. His experience at diagnosing the physiological function of the surfer, corrective techniques and practices for progression are systematic and successful.

The key area of achievement in Martin’s repertoire is his communication skills. He is personable, clear , succinct, and non judgmental. He has the ability to elicit the optimal responses from his students. Martin is a surf coach of integrity with the highest professional standards.

Karin and Robbie van Dijk
Phillip Island, Victoria Australia
[Parents of surfers Nikki and Joe van Dijk]