Video Review Packages

Martin Dunn’s Video Review of your surfing
A “health Check” for your surfing

I’m passionate about helping surfers become better on a daily basis. The greatest pleasure I get from coaching is seeing a surfer perform a new move for the first time, whether it’s a basic finish or an advanced aerial manoeuvre. I am amped to help surfers become better, no matter how good they currently are or where you live in the world.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Australia’s best surfers and coached Australian teams to gold medal winning performances. But In reality, I enjoy forming developmental partnerships with surfers just as much. Many of these partnerships have been with surfers I have never met. I train them through the internet, where they send me video footage of their performances and in return, I provide my opinion and recommended training. I’ve been providing this service since the early 2000’s, and have helped hundreds of surfers globally in that time.

You will be amazed what my knowledge and experience individualized to your surfing and delivered through the internet can do for your surfing. It’s really like going to an elite training camp, but without the airfare.

Who could benefit:

Developing Surfers:
Surfers starting to learn the basic moves of surfing and wanting to fast track their development

Established Surfers:
Surfers who are searching for answers on how to improve moves they perform inconsistently or wanting to learn new ones

Competitive Surfers:
Competitive surfers wanting an opinion on how they could score higher in their competitive heats or wanting advice on how to structure their rides to maximize speed and flow

How to begin a partnership:

1. Send your video in for an opinion on your surfing. This first consultation is absolutely FREE. Click here to send your video link today


2. Purchase one of the service levels below and send Martin your surfing footage for more comprehensive training and instruction

“Trying Us Out” Level:

Nominate the ONE manoeuvre you wish to have reviewed and Martin will create a training video that will discuss in detail how you could improve it’s current performance

COST: $49.95 usd – BUY NOW

“I’m Convinced” Level:

Review all areas of a surfer’s performance. Performance areas covered in this training video include – surfing technique, wave selection, decisions-making skills displayed on the waves they ride.

COST: $199.95 usd – BUY NOW

“I like it” Level:

Nominate up to THREE manoeuvres you wish to have reviewed and Martin will create a training video to help you improve those moves.

COST: $119.95 usd – BUY NOW
25% discount off the regular price

“Partnership” Level:

Sign up for our partnership membership, where you send a video every 3 months for regular monitoring of your surfing and its progression. That’s four video reviews throughout the year and the opportunity to consult with Martin through email. You will also receive the 30 page E-book – “Twelve Skills for Surfing Success”, free of charge.

COST: $599.95 usd – BUY NOW
25% discount off the regular price