“Know Your Surfing” – Live Video Feedback

“Know Your Surfing” – live online video feedback – allows surfers to speak to Martin directly and have him review a performance in real time. This allows surfers to discuss their surfing [wave by wave] with Martin and ask questions, so that they leave the session with a complete understanding of what their surfing needs.

After the consultation, a video recording of the session will be sent to the surfer, along with training and simulation videos specific to their needs. If multiple sessions have been purchased, a follow-up session will be scheduled. To organise a “live” feedback session, surfers need to:

  1. Book a consultation by clicking on one of the package options here. Martin will contact you to arrange a time for the online consultation. A meeting confirmation and link to the meeting would be sent to you once an agreed time has been confirmed.
  2. Send Martin video footage of your surfing before the arranged meeting, to allow Martin to assess your surfing and prepare a personalised presentation, to maximize the learning during the live session.
  3. Click through the supplied meeting link on the day of the consultation to begin the meeting.

Know Your Surfing


Packages Available:

“Know Your Surfing” – 1x Feedback Session

Understand your surfing in a deeper way than you ever thought possible. Martin will highlight the positive and negative aspects of your performance, and provide proven surf training, drills, and videos specific to your needs.


“Develop Your Surfing” Package – 2x Feedback Sessions

As surfers develop, most need follow-up feedback and advice to progress their surfing. By undertaking a second feedback session [3 months after the first], surfers will get an assessment on their progress and receive a top-up on what training should be done to make permanent change.


“Monitor Your Progress” Package – 4x Feedback Session

Monitoring a surfer’s progress quarterly can really turbo-charge a performance. This package allows a surfer to build a solid surfer-coach relationship with martin online, with regular feedback and training drill updates provided as your skills develop.

“Know Your Surfing”

1x “live” session USD $95.00 Martindunn.com.au
Subscriber price USD $75.00
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“Develop Your Surfing”

2x “live” sessions USD $160.00 Martindunn.com.au
Subscriber price USD $130.00
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“Monitor Your Progress”

4x “live” sessions USD $280.00 Martindunn.com.au
Subscriber price USD $220.00
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