International Consultancy

I’ve developed coaching programs and systems that have helped many surfers win Australian titles, World Amateur titles, and qualify for the WCT tour. If your group want to learn my methods and the success it creates, please contact me for further details.

“We have known Martin for over ten years. He came recommended by surfers who had previously had very successful coaching with him. His unique, no-nonsense methodology makes it simpler to know where to focus, and the lessons learned stay in mind for a long time, probably because it all makes sense and is kept uncomplicated. We had three visits with him and this has stood the boys in very good stead for a long time. Martin’s personality is ideally suited to surf coaching, and he draws the best out of each student he teaches. The final result is a heat winning strategy.”

Charles Brand
Father of Benji and Davey
South Africa

“Our son left Spain to train with Martin not being able to finish the basic surfing  manouvres and came back with a much better control of most of the basic ones. Martins attitude and teaching commands were decisive in his improvement. We sent a child and a big boy returned. We sent a beginner and a skilfull surfer came back.”

Pedro Diaz-Teran
Santander, Spain

I started working with Martin at 13 years old and stayed with him for my entire professional. After travelling around the world and seeing what others are doing and how they are coached, I am convinced that Martin is the most advanced coach to date as well as being a pioneer of the art. While Martin has always been known for his technique training, I believe that his contest strategy and observations are also peerless.

Jessi Miley-Dyer
Past WCT competitor
Deputy Commissioner of the ASP