Video review of a surfer’s performances

“Its like going to an elite surf camp, without the cost of an airfare”

Improving your surfing is as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1: Send a link to a video of your surfing on Youtube or Vimeo for review
Step 2: We will evaluate your surfing and send you back a training video and recommendations on how you could improve your surfing at your own beach
Step 3: You watch the training video on your mobile device or desktop before surfing, and focus on the surfing skills that need correction
** As your surfing progresses, simply send another video for evaluation of your progress.

Benefits to you

  • More fun when surfing as you become more successful on a daily basis
  • Training that is individualized to YOU, maximizing your understanding and progression
  • Unique self-paced training, that you do at your home-beach whenever you want
  • On-going advice from Martin Dunn, a world recognized expert with 30 years experience in fast-tracking and developing surfer’s performances

Join hundreds of other motivated surfers from around the world having their videos evaluated and being trained online

Customer World Map

What some legends of the sport have to say about Martin’s coaching effectiveness & professionalism

Chelsea Hedges

2005 ASP World Women’s Champion

With Martin's knowledge, dedication, and passion for coaching athletes, I am convinced he could improve the abilities of any Surfer. Coaching some the world's best male and female Surfers with Martin, I have seen first hand the progression and results that come from his coaching techniques.

Barton Lynch

1988 ASP Mens World Champion

Martin is an extremely qualified and skillful coach and has more experience in the field than anyone that I can think of. His work in the area of correct technique and body positioning has become the international standard.

Martin Dunn

Who is Martin Dunn?

  • 30 years on-the-beach coaching experience to surfers of all levels of ability
  • Development coach to 20+ ASP WCT world tour qualifiers
  • Head coach of the Australian Surfing Team – 10x
  • Producer of 15 instructional video for surfers and surf coaches
  • Creator and content producer of unique website

Start today - individualized advice by a world leader in developing surfers for as little as $49.95USD


"I'm Convinced" Video Review


"I'm Convinced"
A total look at your surfing from top to bottom, with advice on what's the next step you should take to move forward with your surfing. This evaluation will look at a surfer's technique, their decision making, and wave selection skills – so that you catch and ride better waves daily.

Customer feedback

"Lifting the leading arm to create speed. Thanks Martin! I never had understood that little detail. This was the best information I received in the last ten years than I surfed."


"I'm convinced Level" customer

"Quick update.  We finally had a decent wind swell in the Gulf of Mexico yesterday and I had a great surf session.  They were just quick down the line waves but I was generating speed well and I was getting in some of my best front-side and backhand snaps.  All the way to the top of the wave with good rotation, arm movement, and spray.  I even had someone in the lineup ask me about my snap technique so it must be working."

Mark - Florida, USA

“Partnership Level” Surfer 2014

"Our son left Spain to train with Martin not being able to finish the basic surfing manouvres and came back with a much better control of most of the basic ones. Martins attitude and teaching commands were decisive in his improvement. We sent a child and a big boy returned. We sent a beginner and a skilfull surfer came back."

Pedro Diaz-Teran - Santander, Spain

South Oz

Martin is also available for private coaching anywhere in the world. He is based in Northern NSW, but can travel anywhere to work with motivated surfers.

Canary Islands

Contact Martin at [email protected]