New Content Added – August, 2020

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  • Interview with Dr Michael Martin – Dr. Martin is one of Australia’s premier sport psychologists, having been previously in charge of Australia’s Institute of Sport Performance Psychology Department.  He is currently employed  at the New South Wales Institute of Sport in the Performance Psychology area.  Michael has also been heavily involved in surfing, having been New South Wales’s state coach back in the 90’s, and guided former WSL surfers Luke Stedman and Jarrad Howse [amongst others] to multi year careers at the elite level of surfing. I consider Michael one of my most influential mentors over the course of my surf coaching career.     Duration: 45:16



Better Surfing Webinar No. 17  Topics covered include:



New Training Sections Uploaded

Fixing Specific Errors:

In the “Training Programs” section in the dashboard, a new section – “Fixing Specific Errors”  has been added and is being gradually populated moving into the future. The idea is for surfers to have training & direction in how to rectify specific errors that they may have. This is different from our “4 Week Challenges”, which are designed to teach and learn a new skill.

Error sections already uploaded to the membership area of are:

  • Wave Catching Errors
  • Speed Creation Errors
  • Bottom Turn Errors
  • Top Turn Errors
  • Re-Entry Errors

Error sections for the rest of the power manoeuvres of surfing will be added in September/October.


Surfing Quiz

To get a fuller understand of how you surf and what could be improved, I’ve created a comprehensive quiz for surfers to reflect on their surfing performances. This self-reflection will pin-point areas of your surfing that need improvement and bring those skills up to consciousness, so that you can rank each skill’s importance and begin the process of improvement.

The new “Surfing Quiz” is located in the “Training Programs” section of the Dashboard.


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Blog Posts

New Blogs in August:

  • “Taking Off Deep Really Can Enhance A Performance”  Making sensible decisions on where a surfer takes-off on their waves will contribute to the ultimate success they achieve. It is highly recommended that surfers should only take-off on the peak or behind the peak, and say “NO” to all other take-off decisions.


  • “Changing Gears When Surfing”   Surfers should drive “hard and controlled” back towards the foam in flat sections, slow and smooth off the bottom, and then, fast and aggressive off the top.


Changing Gears