New Content Added – February, 2021

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Better Surfing Webinar No. 24     Duration: 45:17       Topics covered include:


New Vidoes Uploaded

“Surfing In Full Control” – video

As surfers develop, they should be trying to perform their manoeuvres in full control. This control allows a surfer to flow between manoeuvres without any hesitations or stoppages as they surf down the line. Control is created by surfers as they learn their foundation manoeuvres in the early stages of their development. Those surfers who are particular about performing their manoeuvres well, will maintain this attitude and with that, enhanced control, as they try to advance their surfing later in their development.

– This video can be found in the “Surfing University” section of the dashboard, in the “General Information” Section.


“Speed Creation Training – A grommet Example” – video

This video displays the training and outcomes produced when training a grommet surfer how to generate horizontal speed.

– This video can be found in the “Surfing University” section of the dashboard, in the “Surfing Technique” section.



“Training In Poor Surf – Part 1 & 2” – videos

These two videos highlight the types of training surfers can undertake when the surf conditions are poor. You know – onshore, closing-out, small weak waves. Instead of grumbling about how poor the surf is, motivated surfers can choose to work on specific weaknesses and set achievable goals  to make surfing poor waves fun and beneficial.

– This video can be found in the “Surfing University” section of the dashboard, in the “General Information” section.

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Blog Posts in February

“10 minute Neck Strengthening and Soft Tissue Release for Optimal Neck Alignment

This 10 minute video displays the exercises surfers can do to alleviate sore or stiff necks. Created by Sydney based Exercise Physiologist, Michelle Drielsma, this videos outlines a simple daily program any surfer can follow.


“Talent vs Skill”

Over the years I’ve heard many talk about talented surfers and their potential in the sport. But being talented doesn’t make future success inevitable, as our sport is littered with wasted talent – surfers who ripped as a 15 years of age, but faded into obscurity by their 20’s. Talent is a gift from our parents, skill is earned through hard work. Everyone can develop skill!


“Attitude – The Key To Better Surfing”

Surfers with a good attitude makes mistakes, but doesn’t dwell on them – riding their waves with an optimistic approach that helps them be successful in the future. This is the attitude of champions, and every surfer wanting to better their surfing, should emulate this way of thinking.