New Content Added – July 2020

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  • Interview with Carla Zamora – experienced longboard coach from California. Carla discusses her approach to coaching longboarders, from the raw beginner to world class competitors.  More information on Carla can be found through her website: Duration: 22:45



  • Interview with Luke Stedman – forever WCT professional surfer and now surf coach, now based in California.  Luke discusses his early surfing development, his path to a professional career, and his core aims when coaching surfers to better their own surfing. Check Luke out through his facebook page – “Smile High Surf Club”.  Duration: 29:25


  • Interview with Professor Miguel Moreira – Professor in Sport Coaching (surf) at the department of Sport & Health Duration, University of Lisbon. Miguel discusses how surfers are developed, coaching world class surfers, and the post graduate course on surf coaching – he teaches through the University of Lisbon. For further information on the surf coaching course, click here.  Duration: 55:57


Better Surfing Webinar No. 15 & 16  Topics covered include:


New Training programs completed

In the “Advanced Skills Of Surfing”  section, two new skill sections were fully completed in July with numerous videos and recommended training.

  • Finbusts
  • Aerial Manoeuvres

Surfers who are ready to advance their surfing, can now access comprehensive and proven advice on how to perform four advanced manoeuvres of surfing. “lift Re-entries, Laybacks, Finbusts, & Aerial manoeuvres.


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Blog Posts

New Blogs in July:

  • “Questions Parents Should Ask”  To assist grommets develop a healthy mindset about their own surfing, parents should use a proven questioning approach to facilitate positive outcomes from every surf.


  • “Maintaining Speed In Flat Sections”  Many surfers either don’t recognise that a flat section is coming up, or they choose the wrong manoeuvre for the section encountered. If a flat section is entered, it’s usually a sign that a longer arced manoeuvre needs to be performed, so that speed and flow is maintained.


New Service now available

“Know Your Surfing” – live online video feedback – allows surfers to speak to Martin directly and have him review a performance in real time. This allows surfers to discuss their surfing [wave by wave] with Martin and ask questions, so that they leave the session with a complete understanding of what their surfing needs. Shortly after the consultation, Martin will send a recording of the meeting  for a surfer’s future reference.