New Content Added – June, 2020

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  • Interview with Chelsea Hedges – 2005 Women’s WCT World Professional Champion. Chelsea talks about her early development as a surfer, winning a world professional title, her take on women’s surfing, and now as a surf coach, what she is trying to achieve in that role. Duration: 29:56


  • Interview with surf trainer Michelle Drielsma – creator of surf fitness website Michelle explains what surfers need to do to develop good fitness levels –  advocating mobility training and daily practise as core aims of any fitness training for surfers. Duration: 20:35



Better Surfing Webinar No. 14  Topics covered include:

  •  “Changing gears” when surfing
  • Speed creation errors
  • The purpose of “throwing” when performing forehand snaps
  • Leading arm use during backhand snaps?
  • Popping-up at the wave’s bottom
  • Why recommends block training
  • Compression when performing “lipline” finishes?
    Duration: 33:14


Training Videos

  • Faster pop-up training program for older surfers: Exercise physiologist Michelle Drielsma guides surfers through a fitness program to develop faster pop-ups for older surfers. All surfers with a slow pop-up would benefit from this comprehensive program. Duration: 24:00

New Training programs completed

In the “Advanced Skills Of Surfing”  section, three new skill sections were completed in June with videos and recommended training.

  • Advancing An Existing Performance
  • “Lift” Re-entries 
  • Layback Snaps

Finbusts and aerial manoeuvres sections are under construction and will be completed and uploaded to the site by the end of July.


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Blog Posts

New Blogs in June:


  • “Chest Over Front Knee” – the perfect balance body position when finishing. Where did this concept come from? Surf coaching history.