New Content Added – June 2021

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Better Surfing Webinar No. 27     Duration: 27:08       Topics covered include:



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“What To Do In Flat Sections?” – video

Surfers are regularly faced with surfing through flat sections on the waves they ride. These sections however can be difficult to negotiate in an effective way because of the lack of power and steepness these sections possess. This video classifies flat sections into three distinct categories, with three different approaches required to maximum each situation. Namely a carve, cutback, and held cutback manoeuvre to match the flat section faced. Duration: 2:48

– This video can be found in the “Surfing University” section of the dashboard, in the “Decision Making” Section.

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Blog Posts in June

“7 Tokyo Olympic Qualifiers Who Have Been Coached By Martin”

Of the forty surfers who have now qualified for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, 6 have been coached by Martin to varying degrees. 3x Peruvians, 2x Japanese, 1x French, 1x New Zealand.


“Decoding The Surf Ranch”


I had the opportunity to help a rookie WCT surfer prepare for the 2021 Surf Ranch event, although having never actually been to the site. At first a daunting prospect, but as I reviewed previous surfed waves at the Surf Ranch, it became obvious to me that there was a standardised pace and look to the wave, that would allow a pattern to be devised to fast-track the learning of how to surf the wave?


New “Search” functionality coming to in July

I have commissioned my web guys [] to create a search functionality for With now over 460 better-surfing videos on the site, its time to add this search facility for members. By the end of July, members will be able to input “Cutbacks” into the search bar for example and be able to find videos on “how to do cutbacks”, Cutback Variations, when to do cutbacks, Cutback errors, etc. A number of members have asked for this functionality, and hence its on its way.