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Better Surfing Webinar No. 25     Duration: 52:23       Topics covered include:


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“Lipline Finishes – when to use?” – video

When a finishing section is sucky or when travelling slow, the best finishing approach is to “Lipline” the section. Too often surfers choose to finish with a re-entry manoeuvre irrespective of the finishing section faced. My advice – if in doubt when finishing a wave – “lipline” the section for increased success.

– This video can be found in the “Surfing University” section of the dashboard, in the “Surfing Technique” Section.




Interview with Adam Robertson – CEO of Surfing Victoria and motivated surf coach. Adam was a professional surfer, [once placing 2nd at the Rip Curl WCT event in Bells Beach], before taking the reins of Surfing Victoria, the governing body for surfers in the state of Victoria, Australia. Since Adam took on the position of CEO, Surfing in Victoria has moved forward in leaps and bounds, with their junior competitors becoming more competitive on the national stage. Surfing Victoria has also become heavily involved in the training of surfers at “Urban Surf” – Australia’s first commercial wave park, and Adam describes how this works and the benefit of same. Duration: 49:21

Interview with Mark “Richo” Richardson – Owner of “Surfing Services” Surf School on the Gold Coast, and elite amateur competitor from Queensland, Australia. Mark is 15x Queensland, 6x Australian, and 1x World surfing champion, pretty well unequaled in Australian amateur surfing. Mark is also a highly successful surf coach, coaching surfers from beginner right through the WCT surfers. Mark talks about coaching surfers, coaching his own son, and the importance of positioning for competitive success. Duration: 31:57

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Blog Posts in March

“Wave pool surfers video review”

Wavepools are definitely places for surfers to have fun, but are also great new training venues for motivated surfers. This video highlights the areas of performance that this training surfer could improve, along with training suggestions they could employ.