New Content Added – May, 2020

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  • Interview With WSL judge Ben Dunn:  Former WCT surfer and now WSL judge, Ben Dunn, talks about his surfing development, qualifying for and competing on the WCT elite tour, and what it takes to get an excellent score in professional surfing. Duration: 38:44



  • Interview with trainer to Aussie Pros, Peter Roberts:  Exercise physiologist, Peter Roberts, trainer to Owen Wright & Connor O’Leary, talks about his experiences training some of Australia’s leading surfers and what surfers should do to better their surfing. Duration: 28:08

  • Interview with Jessi Miley-Dyer: WSL’s VP Tours & Competition, Jessi Miley-Dyer, talks about her development as a surfer, successful professional career, and now in her position within the World Surf League, as the driving force in women’s surfing globally. Duration: 27:33



Better Surfing Webinar No. 12  Topics covered include:

  • Staying focused when training
  • Common errors on takeoff
  • Which peak should i surf?
  • Creating “distance” when performing cutbacks
  • Subscriber question
  • Duration: 30:40

Better Surfing Webinar No. 13  Topics covered include:

  • Feedback on the value of Martin Waltz and Ben Dunn Interviews
  • The role a surfer’s arms play when surfing
  • Errors on a surfer’s forehand can be the same on their backhand
  • Training strategies – Block, random, part, & whole training explained
  • Question: Forceful arm lifting when simulating on a skateboard can cause injuries?
  • Question: Using arms to tighten a backhand turn- how do you do it?
  • Question: What can I do about a “frailing” back arm?
  • Question: How can I be clear about what to work on when surfing?
  • Duration: 49:02

Training Videos

  • 5 Minute Pre-surf Warmup – with Connor O’Leary

New Training Sections

In the Training Programs section, the “Advanced Skills Of Surfing” section has started to be populated with 3 advanced skills.

  • “Lift” Re-entries: When a surfer is faced with an already broken lip or when they want to climb a foam section, they should perform a “lift” re-entry for consistent success. 7x new videos
  • Finbusts:  When surfers break the tail out of the back of a wave, they are performing a finbust manoeuvre.  7x  new videos
  • Laybacks: Laying back when performing a top turn or finishing manoeuvre essential creates a layback manoeuvre. This is a great manoeuvre to display risk and commitment in a surfer’s repertoire. 5x new videos

Although each skill section hasn’t be completed as of the end of May, there now 20 new videos for subscribers to view and comprehend what it takes to perform these advanced manoeuvres. Recommended training to learn these manoeuvres will be uploaded in June.


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Blog Posts

New Blogs in May:

  • “Advancing A Surfing Performance”  – The advanced manoeuvres of surfing are often just an extension of their minor manoeuvre cousins. That is, many are simply performed higher……., tighter……., or are more committed – usually in full control.


  • “What Fitness Training Should Recreational Surfers Do?”  – Exercise physiologist and strength & conditioning coach, Peter Roberts, briefly shares his opinion on what fitness training recreational surfers should do to better their surfing. And he should know, as he is the current fitness coach for WSL professional surfers, Owen Wright and Connor O’leary, amongst others.


  • Online Training To Peruvian Surfers In May  – Over the past 6 weeks [April & May, 2020] I was asked to prepare and present online presentations to surfers in Lima Peru. These surfers are members of the Club Regatta surfing squad, a team of over 80 surfers . Working with elite Peruvian surf coach – Sebastian Alarcon, the presentations were conducted in both English and Spanish.