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New Training Section:


Surfers are regularly faced with a flatter section that requires a “carve” manoeuvre to be performed to maintain a surfer’s speed effectively. Carves are longer arced manoeuvres, where a surfer drives to the base of the foamball to perform a major bottom turn, setting up the next major manoeuvre of a ride with full speed. Carves shouldn’t be confused with snaps or cutbacks, and have their own distinct technique that all surfers can learn. Carve training can be found in the “Power Moves” section of the dashboard. Subscribers should click – Training Programs – Power Moves of Surfing – Carves  to access the training.




Interview with Ian “Ratso” Buchanan – WCT judge and former New Zealand professional surfer. Ian talks about his career as an elite judge on the world professional tour, how judging effects surfing as a whole, and the state of New Zealand surfing at the present time. Duration: 33:31

Interview with Peter “PT” Townsend – 1976 world professional champion, founding member of “The Bronzed Aussies”, publisher – “Surfing” Mag, advisor to Rusty, Hurley, head coach of team USA, head coach team China, etc, etc. PT talks about his early years surfing the famous point on the Gold Coast to becoming the world’s fist professional world champ, the differences between American and Aussie surfing, experiences working with team USA and team China, and what the Olympics will do for surfing. Duration: 50:23

– These videos can be found in the “Surfing University” section of the dashboard, in the “General Information” Section



New Videos Uploaded

1. “Manoeuvre Sections – What Move To Perform?” – video

When surfers enter a section, they must choose what manoeuvre to perform. There is no absolute right and wrong best manoeuvre, but some manoeuvres match certain sections more correctly because they allow a surfer to maintain their speed and flow, and/or perform the strongest manoeuvre possible. This video can be found in the “Decision Making” section of Surfing University. Duration: 3:31


2. New Video section

Early Training Videos – 1990’s – 2000’s

Although these videos are from early eras of surfing, they have aged well in instructional terms. What I coached in the 90’s is in many cases, exactly the same what i would advocate today, obviously with a few modifications. Subscribers will find useful information and reminders from my earlier work, and in many cases, may provide new information that they could incorporate into their own surfing performances. This new section can be found in the “Surfing University” section of the dashboard.

“Secrets Of Power Surfing” – produced in 1993 – the first serious attempt to describe surfing technique and how surfers could improve that aspect of a surfing performance. Duration: 36:42

“The Winning Formula” – produced in 1996 –  outlines how surfers could surf to score higher in competition. Duration: 35:13

“The Beginner Surfer” – produced in 1997 – outlines all the essential beginner skills all new surfers should master. Duration: 40:10

“Swissball Training For Surfers” – produced in 2000 – outlines a training program using a swissball to improve core stability to prevent injuries, and increase power when surfing. Duration: 19:31

“Small Wave Surfing – 5 Positive Strategies” – produced in 2002 – outlines five strategies surfers can use to better their small wave surfing. Duration: 7:58

“Winning Thoughts” – produced in 2005 – outlines how surfers can stay focused on the essential aspects of performance when free surfing and competing. Produced with sport psychologist Dr Michael Martin, this video is just as relevant today as it was in 2005 when it was produced. Duration: 18:38

“Guide To Quality Wave Selection” – produced in 2006 – outlines the five key areas that must be considered by a surfer to ascertain the quality of an approaching wave. Duration: 12:56

“Successful Tube Riding” – produced in 2008 – outlines the key ingredients to consistent and successful tube riding. Just like all other manoeuvres in surfing, there is a recognisable technique that surfers can learn to improve their tube riding skills. Duration: 3:51