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Interview with Nev Hyman – Founder of Nev Surfboards, Firewire Surfboards, and now, Nev House. Nev has been in the surfing industry since the mid 80’s, being one of the most respected shapers and innovators in the sport. He has consistently been at the forefront of surfboard design and materials used in their construction for the duration of his career. Nev is still shaping surfboards but is also at the forefront of sustainable housing, using surfboard construction methods to use plastic waste for home construction. Duration: 59:07




Better Surfing Webinar No. 21     Duration: 39:04       Topics covered include:


New Training Sections / Vidoes Uploaded

“Training Thoughts”:

Maintaining one’s focus when training is one of the most critical factors that determine training success.  It guides a surfer to perform the skill being trained when the opportunity presents itself in the line-up.  “Training Thoughts” provides focusing strategies that have worked for many surfers and drills surfers can use to incorporate these strategies into their training. “Training Thoughts” can be accessed directly though the member’s dashboard.

Focusing strategies surfers can use when training


“Developing Moves” – Case studies – 2 sections

Developing a performance is a process that should be individualised to each surfer’s needs and situation. Because “one size doesn’t fit all”,  it is recommended that all surfers undertake an assessment to ascertain what surfing level they are at. This established a starting point, from which better surfing can be created. Surfers can self-critique through completing the online quiz provided on this site, or send a video for review for an accurate assessment of their surfing.

  1. Early Surfing Skills – Three case studies are provided [ long boarder, grommet & short-boarder] to allow members visualise what they could learn from having their surfing reviewed. “Early Surfing Skills – case studies” can be found in the “Early Surfing Skills” section of the Dashboard.
  2. Developing Moves – Three case studies are provided [grommet & recreational surfers, & pushing a performance].  “Developing Moves – Case Studies” can be found in the “Power Moves of Surfing” section of the Dashboard

Case Study 1_Developing Turns_Grommet Surfer


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Blog Posts in November


Developing a fast pop-up should be the goal of every surfer, but many surfers struggle throughout their surfing careers because of a slow or hesitant pop-up. A good place to start in rectifying slow pop-ups is to know what you actually do. This blog post outlines some of the types of slow popups and what surfers can try to make them faster.



This blog tells the story of developing an effective surf training tool and compares the modern version with an early version from 1995.

1995 version – training & competition diary

2020 version – Training and Competition diary and training cards


12 Month Anniversary Of

Its been 12 months since I launched I want to thank everyone for their support.

My goal is to provide the most effective online training for surfers and since launching I have spent over 1500 hours working, adding a further 100+ new instructional videos, training sections, webinars, and case studies. As a result of my stated ambition for the site and to continue with its development, I’d love to hear from you about your experiences:

  • What benefit have you have gained from through being a member?
  • What could be improved?
  • Is there anything that could be added, that could benefit your surfing?

Your comments on how things could be better are important to me so that I can develop new and fresh content that has relevance to you and your surfing. Just email me your  comments to: [email protected]

Happy Christmas and have a great New Years.

Martin Dunn