New Content Added – October, 2020

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  • Interview with Australian, ISA, and Olympic head judge – Glen Elliott     Glen has been a judge in Australia for over 30 years and has accepted the role of  head judge for surfing for the Olympics when they are held, besides being a regular judge on the WCT when it runs in Australia. In this interview he discusses judging in general, what surfing scores well, the state of surfing globally, and what influence judges have on surfing in general.   Duration: 57:04




Better Surfing Webinar No. 19  Topics covered include:



Better Surfing Webinar No. 20  Topics covered include:

New Training Sections / Vidoes Uploaded

Fixing Specific Errors:

In the “Training Programs” section in the dashboard, 1 new error section have been added to – “Fixing Specific Errors”. The new sections is:

  • Finishing errors

This section contains full descriptions of common errors, example videos of those errors, and training recommendations on how to fix specific errors.


Training Surfers – Case Studies:

In the “Training Programs” section in the dashboard, I have created new sections featuring my training recommendations for specific types of surfers. In the “Early Surfing Skills” section, three case studies are featured to display common developmental issues for new surfers, and what to do to rectify them. The three case studies are:

  • Early Skills – Longboarder
  • Early Skills – Grommet
  • Early Skills – Short boarder


I have also started to populate a new case study section in the “Power Moves Of Surfing” section. This section will be completed in the month of November.


It is my hope that the addition of these case studies will further help subscribers understand what is needed to create better surfing performances, and realise that many of the deficiencies in their own performances are actually commonplace throughout the sport.