New Content Added – September, 2020

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  • Interview with 2020 WCT Women’s qualifier Isabella Nichols –      Isabella talks about her development as a surfer, working on the 1%ers that make the difference when developing a performance, and what she wants to do post career – specifically, designing her own wave pool. A surfer with a burning desire to succeed, after overcoming the challenges of the developmental process.   Duration: 35.00

  • Interview with Sunshine Coast, Queensland surf coach –  Brad Lee    Brad has been a surfer and coach for over 30 years. In this interview, Brad discusses how he works with surfers and the non-negotiable skills all surfers need for consistent success. Duration: 29:21



Better Surfing Webinar No. 18  Topics covered include:



New Training Sections / Vidoes Uploaded

Fixing Specific Errors:

In the “Training Programs” section in the dashboard, 3 new error sections have been added to – “Fixing Specific Errors”. The 3 new sections are:

  • Snap errors
  • Cutback errors
  • Floater errors

Each section contains full descriptions of common errors, example videos of those errors, and training recommendations on how to fix specific errors.


Surfing Quiz

In the “Surfing Quiz” section on the site, 11x new manoeuvre review videos have been added to the quiz. Each video provides a visual representation of each manoeuvre along with the questions a reviewer should ask to get an accurate assessment of a surfer’s performance. Review videos added:

Power Moves:

  • Speed Creation, Bottom Turns, Re-entries, Snaps, Cutbacks, Floaters, Finishes

Advanced Moves:

  • “Lift Re-entries, Layback Snaps, Finbusts, Aerials

Adding these videos creates an even stronger review process for the motivated surfer, making for a much more accurate assessment of  a performance.

The new “Surfing Quiz” is located in the “Training Programs” section of the Dashboard.

Reviewing Re-entries


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Blog Posts

New Blogs in September:

  • ONLINE SURFING INSTRUCTION – TOO MUCH “FAKE NEWS”  Online instruction for surfing is flourishing during these Covid times. But……not all of it is of any real value, with many presenters only creating content to expand their online presence, presenting information with multiple inaccuracies and half-truths. In fact…. much of it is “fake” news. Martin presents the argument that much of the online instruction leads surfers in the wong direction and doesn’t result in better surfing performances.