BSR surf transformation – Edward Pong

Texan surfer, Edward Pong – displays his transformation from a novice surfer to one who can confidently perform manoeuvres as he surfs down the line. Edward, a land-locked surfer who lives four hours from the beach, has used the Waco Wave Park over 150 times in his developmental journey, as he only gets 2-3 weeks of actual ocean surfing per year, so his only choice to surf regularly, is to pay for and use the Waco wave park.

I interviewed Edward for my membership area [which is online now], where he talks in detail about his experiences using a wave park for developing his surfing, and how my  video review service benefitted him moving forward.

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Edward’s 2nd “surfing review” video below, that I created from footage he sent to me last year. This video contains specific training recommendations to help him move forward with his surfing development.