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Get reviews, feedback sessions, and more – understand why Martin Dunn’s training works

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"All-inclusive" Video Review

Review all areas of a surfers performance as used by pro surfers from around the world. Performance areas covered in these reviews include – surfing technique, wave selection, and decision-making skills used by surfers as they surf their waves.


"Know Your Surfing" Live Feedback Session

Understand your surfing in a deeper way than you ever thought possible. Martin will highlight the positive and negative aspects of your performance, and recommend proven surf drills and videos specific to your needs.



Developing Strategic Thinking

This e-book teaches surfers how to plan and think with flexibility when in the ocean. Covering observing the ocean, planning, executing plans, and learning from a surfer’s competition performances – “Developing Strategic Thinking” is an essential resource for all motivated surfers and coaches.

USD $29.95

Surf Training Drills

“Surf Training Drills” is a practical guide to help train surfers more effectively. With over 80 individual drills to choose from, the instructor can choose the surf training that will suit a surfer’s level of development and match the surf conditions about to be surfed.

USD $29.95

Developing Talented Surfers

Learn how surfers with talent are developed from the early signs of their talent as a grommet to competing on the world tour. At its core, this e-book outlines the key areas that talented surfers have to progress through to realize their elite potential.

USD $9.95

Developing Scoring Ability

This e-book explains the twelve essential skills that contribute to consistent scores. Through video links and included on-the-beach drills, it provides a curriculum or “roadmap” that parents, surf coaches, or surfers themselves, can follow to fast-track the development process.

USD $29.95

Evaluating Competition Performances

“Evaluating Competition Performances” is designed to teach people how to review and interpret scoring in competition. Martin’s evaluation system that has helped create so many champions over the past three decades is presented and explained in detail. It’s a fact - effectively reviewing a performance leads to future success.

USD $29.95

Evaluating Surfing Technique

The better a surfer’s technique, the better the surfing and the more success achieved on a daily basis. This e-book explains the theory of surfing technique, and how it relates to successful surfing. Through the inclusion of links to over 40 videos, the student of surfing will visually learn how to evaluate the correctness of a performance, the root cause of any errors found, and how faulty techniques could be improved.

USD $29.95

Competition Pack

Take your competition surfing to the next level with our 3 competition focused eBooks:
- Developing Scoring Ability
- Evaluating Competition Performances
- Developing Strategic Thinking

30% off total RRP

USD $59.95

Buy The Lot

- Developing Strategic Thinking
- Surf Training Drills
- Developing Talented Surfers
- Developing Scoring Ability
- Evaluating Competition Performances
- Evaluating Surfing Technique

40% off total RRP

USD $99.95


Progressive Surfing: In-Surf Training System

Martin Dunn’s unique In-surf Training System fast-tracks the development of a surfing performance through a process of picking a card before surfing, training the selected skill, and reviewing the training effort. Undertaking this process on a regular basis creates quality training – a key component of surfing development.

USD $89.95

Personalized Coaching: with Martin

Martin is still actively coaching surfers of all levels on how to surf better. From “frothing” grommets, to weekend warriors, surfing mums, and developing pros – Martin adjusts his coaching to match the performance level and motivation of each individual surfer.

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