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Video Reviews

Submit a video of your surfing for Martin’s personalized insight into how you could surf better.

Martin’s reviews provide surfers with an accurate picture of their strengths and weaknesses – and most importantly – a starting point off which better surfing can be built.

Submit a video for review

Review all areas of your performance as used by pro surfers from around the world.

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Schedule an online meetup

Understand your surfing in a deeper way than you ever thought possible.

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You can submit a video or schedule an online meetup to arrange a personalized review of your surfing designed to help you fast track your development.

Check out how this process can really advance your surfing by watching the videos below

Some of the successful surfers who have used Martin’s video review service

What do real surfers have to say about Martin’s video review service?

Testimonial: Nathan Hedge

Pro Surfer

Testimonial: Melanie

Peru Pro Surfer

Testimonial: Bronte

Pro Surfer

Testimonial: Mick and Omah

Mick & Omah
Grommet Surfer

Testimonial: Edward Pong

Wave Pool Surfer

Video Reviews: Olympic Qualifiers

Olympic Qualifiers
All benefited from Martin’s review service

What do you get?

Personalized Video

Product: Video Reviews

Receive a personalized video pinpointing the skills that require training and the training that should be done to better a surfing performance.

Written Report

A written report will also be provided to remind surfers of the skills that require training.

Who does your review?

Martin personally reviews all surfing submitted for review and creates the reporting sent back to the training surfer.

What's the difference between the two types of video reviews?

Submit a video for review:


When a surfer sends a video for review Martin will:

  • review the footage
  • create a “focus video”
  • create a written report,
  • and provide training and simulation drills specific to the needs of the surfer.

These individualised training aides will be forwarded to the surfer to use when training at their local beach. This is all done remotely, with no face-to-face contact with Martin. The surfer however, can contact Martin after receiving their training aides to clarify anything that they don’t understand.


Mature surfer “Focus Video” example


Video Review_Mature Surfer Example



Schedule a “live” Zoom Meetup:


A surfer sends a video for review [and in consultation with Martin], organises a time and date to meetup via Zoom. Martin then:

  • Reviews the footage
  • Organises specific surfing clips to help explain how the training surfer can better their surfing.
  • Meets the training surfer online to discuss and review their surfing together in real time.
  • The surfer can ask Martin relevant questions in real time to get a full understanding of what they currently do, what could be improved, and how they could improve their surfing moving forward.

At the end of the meeting, a copy of the recorded meeting will be forwarded to the training surfer to review at their leisure.