“Progressive Surfing” In-Surf Training System


“Pick a card, any card……”

Fast-track performance improvements and break performance barriers by using Martin’s unique training card & diary system

“The training contained in “Progressive Surfing” is the same training I did under Martin’s guidance to achieve the 2016 WQS #1 ranking and qualify for the World Championship Tour. Its so easy to use, yet powerful in improving performance and helping stay focused when working on achieving challenging goals”

Connor O’Leary

2017 – WCT Rookie of the year


Training System Overview

Martin Dunn’s unique “Progressive Surfing” In-surf Training System fast-tracks the development of surfing performances through a process of picking training cards on the beach, followed by the surfer attempting to achieve the task set on the selected training card. Each time a card is selected, the surfer is actually setting a goal for the upcoming surf, enhancing the quality of the surfing in the process.

The training system is made up of five key components:

  1. 50x different training cards divided into 4 key areas. Surfing Technique, Wave Selection, High Performance, and Scenario cards
  2. A Training and Competition Diary to evaluate a surfer’s training and competition performances, and to learn how to plan for upcoming competitive heats.
  3. In-built in the diary, is Martin’s unique “Beach Observation Card”, that teaches surfers how to read the ocean each day, making it easier to catch and ride the day’s best waves.
  4. Supplied digitally, is Martin’s e-book “Developing a Surfer’s Scoring Ability”, and 12x technique videos which show the correct technique for the foundation moves of surfing.
  5. In the 6 weeks following the purchase of this training system, Martin will digitally forward more critical training information to help fast-track the development of surfer’s performance even further.

How Does The System Work?

Select a card

Pick a specific card or one at random before surfing. Visualize and understand what the task the card is asking you to do before paddling-out

Surf with focus

When in the surf, focus on the task set from the selected card, and try to complete the task to the best of your ability

Learn from each surf

After the training surf or competition heat, evaluate how successful you were in completing the set task or the components of competition necessary for success

Training Card Examples

The Benefits

Using this training system regularly will enable surfers to:

  • Read the ocean more expertly
  • Perform more technically correct manoeuvres
  • Select better waves on a daily basis
  • Create better combinations of manoeuvres
  • And for competition surfers –learn how to devise strategies for upcoming competition heats, handle the unexpected, and learn the positive lessons from each competition experience

“Over time, surfers will just become more successful and confident in all surf conditions”

Martin Dunn
Creator of “Progressive Surfing”


Once I place my order, how is the product delivered?

The training cards and diary are a physical product and will be shipped to you as soon as we receive your order. The e-book and technique videos will be delivered via download links embedded in an email that you will receive confirming your order.

How long will it take to receive my training cards and diary once ordered?

Once Martin receives your order, it will be processed immediately, but will take between 3 – 10 days to be delivered – depending on where you live around the world.

How often should I use this training system to get best results?

I recommend using the cards and diary 50% of your surfing time. It is still important to have fun – surfing just for the joy of being in the ocean. For competition surfers, using the heat planning and review sheets in the diary should be used every time you compete.

I’m not a pro surfer, how could “Progressive Surfing” training system help me?

Over half the cards in the training system are focused on developing good surfing technique and choosing quality waves, so there’s plenty of guidance for the developing surfer. Additionally, built into the diary is Martin’s unique “Beach Observation” card, which teaches developing surfers how to read the ocean each day, increasing their confidence before paddling-out, and guiding them to quality waves once in the lineup.

Who can benefit from Martin’s “Progressive Surfing Training System”?

Almost any surfer past the beginner level could benefit from using this unique training system. Recreational surfers, grommets, pro surfers travelling around the globe, surf coaches, and parents of motivated surfers would all benefit from using this system. “Progressive Surfing” directs and challenges surfers simple through the act of picking a card before surfing.

Why should I purchase “Progressive Surfing”?

Surfing with focus creates quality surfing performances – the building blocks of surfing excellence. Just like doing reps in a gym to strengthen a particular muscle or muscle group, picking a training card targets and strengthens the different aspects of surfing performance. And it does this in the ocean, allowing surfers to enjoy their training while catching and riding the ocean swells. Purchasing “Progressive Surfing” will lead surfers to better surfing performances, one skill at a time.

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