Developing A Surfer’s Scoring Ability


Scoring well in surfing is a learned skill that takes time to develop. Just like learning to read a book, drive a car, or other complex skills – a surfer’s early competition experiences are hesitant and lack confidence, with the surfer making many mistakes.

For those that want to become competitive at an elite level, surfers should understand that there are a number of skills that are essential for consistently high scores. These skills interrelate and work together to produce excellent performances and are seen in three main areas of a surfer’s performance:

  1. When preparing on the beach before paddling-out for their competition heat
  2. When waiting for and choosing waves
  3. When a surfer rides their waves

This e-book explains the twelve essential skills that contribute to consistent scores. Through video links and included on-the-beach drills, it provides a curriculum or “roadmap” that parents, surf coaches, or surfers themselves, can follow to fast-track the development process. By assessing what skills need improvement, and by following the curriculum outlined in this e-book, nothing is left out and all skills are equally developed.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Learn that there are twelve essential skills that must be present for a surfer to score consistently on a daily basis
  • Understand that each skill can be individually trained and improved through on-the-beach training drills
  • Learn what a surfer does before they catch a wave is crucial to the score they receive from the judging panel
  • Through self-assessment, learn what areas of a performance could be improved

Who is this course suited for?

This e-book would be suited to individuals who wish to gain a greater understanding of how to evaluate surfing technique

  • Parents of talented surfers
  • Surf coaches
  • School teachers
  • Surfboard shapers
  • Talented surfers themselves
  • Tertiary level students of sport / sport coaching courses

This download is in PDF format.


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