Developing Talented Surfers


“An Australian Perspective”

Learn how surfers with talent are developed from the early signs of their talent as a grommet to competing on the world tour. At its core, this e-book outlines the key areas that talented surfers have to progress through to realize their elite potential

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the key signs of talent and intrinsic motivation to succeed that young surfers display
  • Learn what support others have put in place to fast-track the development of their talented surfers
  • Become aware of the best approach to competition surfing development
  • Learn that sponsorship and support is a two way street, benefitting both the surfer and company that supports them.
  • Assess whether the talented surfer is ready to take-on the world
  • Understand the key roles parents play as their talented child develops

Who would benefit from this e-book?

This e-book is specific to individuals who wish to gain a greater understanding of the areas talented surfers need to negotiate and the pathway they can take, when developing their competitive careers.

  • Parents of talented surfers
  • Surf coaches
  • Surfboard shapers
  • Officials of surfing organisation
  • Talented surfers themselves

Note: This product is a downloadable PDF document


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