Evaluating Competition Performances


Every time we watch a wave ridden in competition we informally evaluate whether that ride was a good wave or high scorer. We base our evaluation of our surfing and competition knowledge and what the judges are awarding on any given day. But there is often spirited debate after a wave is ridden as to whether the judges got it right with the score that was awarded.

Comparing our own evaluation as it relates to a score given by the judges, is one of the reasons why evaluation of a competitive ride could be undertaken. Others include whether the surfer has improved their performances through training, whether their selected strategy was effective, or simply if they maintained their focus for the duration of the competitive heat.

This e-book is designed to teach people how to interpret why a score was given. And with that interpretation completed, the reviewer can then effectively explain to a surfer why a score was given and what they could do to improve their scores next time.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the different types of competition evaluations that could be undertaken depending on the developmental level of a surfer
  • Learn that a competitive heat is in reality a 90 minute performance
  • Look for key concepts such as speed, flow, and height as a surfer surfs down the line and their affect on the score given
  • Learn how to evaluate judges scores in “process” terms to really drill down as to why a score was awarded
  • Understand when and how to best de-brief a surfer’s performance for optimum learning

Who is this course suited for?

This e-book would be suited to individuals who wish to gain a greater understanding of how to evaluate competition performances

  • Parents of talented surfers
  • Surf coaches
  • School teachers
  • Surfboard shapers
  • Talented surfers themselves
  • Tertiary level students of sport / sport coaching courses


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