Evaluating Surfing Technique


The better a surfer’s technique, the better the surfing and the more success achieved on a daily basis. It is a fact that all manoeuvres performed have a recognizable technique that must be present for consistent success. If there are missing components of that technique, or these components are out of sequence, the manoeuvre will be performed poorly – often with a wipeout occurring.

The good news is that faulty techniques can be fixed and improved or new manoeuvres can be taught correctly right from the start. This e-book explains the theory of surfing technique, and how it relates to successful surfing. Through the inclusion of links to over 40 videos, the student of surfing will visually learn how to evaluate the correctness of a performance, the root cause of any errors found, and how faulty techniques can be improved.

Key learning Outcomes

  • Discover the five performance areas which inter-relate continually to create successful surfing
  • Recognize the development stages all surfers must pass through on their way to elite performances
  • Learn to recognize common errors as they relate to the developing surfer
  • All surfing manoeuvres are made up of key movement components that are added together to form the various manoeuvres of surfing. Learn what these movement components are and the purpose of each.
  • Understand that all surfing manoeuvres have movement phases that can help the reviewer pinpoint the root cause of errors displayed.
  • Asking the right questions when evaluating performances is essential to find and rectify errors displayed. This course will teach students the questions necessary for them to see a performance in it’s smallest detail

Who is this course suited for?

This e-book would be suited to individuals who wish to gain a greater understanding of how to evaluate surfing technique

  • Parents of talented surfers
  • Surf coaches
  • School teachers
  • Surfboard shapers
  • Talented surfers themselves
  • Tertiary level students of sport / sport coaching courses


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