Barton Lynch – 1988 World Champion

I have known Martin Dunn for a very long time, at least 20 years.
We have worked together coaching kids, taken Australian teams internationally to compete at ISA World Games together and I’ve had the chance to see first hand what he is capable of and I have always been impressed.

Martin is an extremely qualified and skillful coach and has more experience in the field than anyone that I can think of. He is conscientious and hard working at all times, very organized and professional in his execution and he has helped many many people to become better surfers over the years.

Martin’s time at the Surfing Australia Hurley High Performance Centre has been an invaluable contribution to Australia’s competitive future and Martin’s work in the area of correct technique and body positioning has become an international standard.

I have always enjoyed working with Martin because we both share a passion for the sport of surfing and a desire to see its participants evolve to the highest level and we love it.